Art, literature, cultural activities, those are the things that bind humanity.

The art of storytelling has been responsible for our understanding of the ancient ones who have come before us. If it was not for storytelling and storytellers, we wouldn’t know a thing about the Pharaohs, Romans, Aztecs; we wouldn’t know a thing about Jesus, Moses, Mohamed and many others who are no longer with us. Stories fill in the gaps. They educate.

Words build bridges of understanding and commonality.

I chose words to explore the infinite internal struggle and vulnerability of the human heart. I chose words to remind us that love and respect must triumph above all and how we are all just humans with the same problems despite our differences.

I put words together, one word next to the other ,and voilà, you are presented with a story or a feeling. For a moment or so, you are in my shoes or I am in your shoes. I find the good in every situation.  A life lesson is a valuable form of education, and I have mastered the art of adaptation.

I find the magic in every moment; I find the magic in every experience.