Dependence Doesn’t Make You INCOMPLETE

Dependence Doesn't Make You INCOMPLETE I am not sure how it happened, but somewhere along the line, we began looking down on those who openly admit needing someone in their lives. Somehow, admitting your need for another soul is a sign of weakness; you are deemed incomplete or less than capable if you [...]

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Who Should Tell Our Story?

When I first started writing this article, I was planning to write about how the Arab-American narrative is skewed because it is usually presented by non-Arabs. I had every intention of highlighting this fact to convince the readers of the need for Arabs to own their narrative. Half way into the article, I remembered [...]

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Middle East: Women and LGBTQ

Through my own readings and research into the history of the Middle East, I learned a simple fact—the region wasn’t always this retarded. It seems that the region regressed throughout history whenever there was external influence or pressure. The position of women in Middle Eastern societies was far better than that of their counterparts [...]

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Terrorist or Tortured Soul?

During the course of writing the novel, I met, talked, and interviewed a good number of Muslim-Americans who are gay. I met those who were open about their identity and comfortable in their own skin; I met those who were still hiding their sexual orientation from those closest to them due to fear and their [...]

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Two Sides of the Same Coin

I admire the Zionist movement, which created the state of Israel. I admire it for all its efforts and its ability to survive for as long as it did in the Middle East. I also admire its ability to revive an ancient history and make it relevant in today’s world. The Zionist movement created a [...]

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Government and Family

Is government a reflection of the family unit? Or is the family unit a reflection of government? I don’t have the answer, but the question is worth pondering. I have been exposed to two different forms of governing and parenting—those will be my points of reference. The Rule of Fear: An Egyptian household is ruled [...]

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The story behind a story

As a grad student, I majored in political science with a focus on international organizations. I wanted to work for the UN. I wanted to change the world. I wanted to have some kind of an impact. And yes, I am an idealist and a dreamer. Two years later, it was graduation time, and I [...]

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Political Correctness is a thing of the past

You will laugh; you will cry; you will fall in love; you will hate me, but then you will love me again. I have a vision; I have a dream and I dare to chase it. Care to chase it with me?

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Change the world

Why are we so accepting of a shitty reality? Why are we so accepting of cruelty? Why do we turn the other way? Why do we turn our faces away? Can someone tell me why? Would someone please explain it? Why are we so weak? Why are we such cowards? What do we fear? Please [...]

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