Human Suffering

Thankfully, there are a few out there who are able to look beyond themselves and their own kind. Thankfully, there are a few out there who dare to be different and stand for the rights of others. Thankfully, there are a few who care to be humans and nothing else. If you are reading this and you are one of the few, Thank you!!

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My First Week on Kick Starter

The first pledge was made by a complete stranger. I received the email notification on my way home: A stranger pledged to the project before I announced its launch and posted a very encouraging comment. I found myself tearing on the train—tears of happiness of course. An hour later, a good friend of mine made a very generous pledge and posted another heart felt comment, which had me tearing once more. It was a very emotional happy day. It feels great to know that others can recognize what you are trying to do.

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A New Year

Make it a new beginning; Make it stand out Step out of the darkness; Step into the lights Leave everything behind; Leave the bad and negative behind Live it as if it’s your first time; Live it just the way you always wanted to Love it with all your heart; Love it and don’t hold [...]

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