Who Should Tell Our Story?

When I first started writing this article, I was planning to write about how the Arab-American narrative is skewed because it is usually presented by non-Arabs. I had every intention of highlighting this fact to convince the readers of the need for Arabs to own their narrative. Half way into the article, I remembered [...]

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Culture of Contradictions

I am not sure if it was always the case, and I don’t really care to look any deeper into it. However, I just noticed recently that most of us live by one of two mottos or proverbs or sayings: 1-      Don’t put all your eggs in one basket 2-      Give your all or something [...]

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Book Sample

 In The Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful My Dear son Osama, If you are reading this letter, it means that I have passed on from this world and have moved on to the next. And I am sorry that I couldn’t keep my promise to you. I know I have promised [...]

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My First Week on Kick Starter

The first pledge was made by a complete stranger. I received the email notification on my way home: A stranger pledged to the project before I announced its launch and posted a very encouraging comment. I found myself tearing on the train—tears of happiness of course. An hour later, a good friend of mine made a very generous pledge and posted another heart felt comment, which had me tearing once more. It was a very emotional happy day. It feels great to know that others can recognize what you are trying to do.

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