Change the world

Why are we so accepting of a shitty reality?

Why are we so accepting of cruelty?

Why do we turn the other way?

Why do we turn our faces away?

Can someone tell me why?

Would someone please explain it?

Why are we so weak?

Why are we such cowards?

What do we fear?

Please tell me

Please show me

Why can’t we right the wrong?

Why can’t we stand up for what is right?

Why can’t we put up a fight?

What are your reasons?

Justify your actions

Better yet, your lack of action

Why don’t we care?

Why don’t we share?

Why don’t we play it fair?

Answer me if you dare

Show me that you care

Why can’t we reject injustice?

Why can’t we veto every bad decision?

Why do we submit?

Why do we surrender?

Why can’t we recognize our own rights?

Why can’t we recognize our common humanity?

Why are we so damn blind?

When will we stop following the herd?

When will we do things differently?

Will we ever get there?

Will we ever learn from our mistakes?

Will we ever learn to learn from others’ mistakes?

Too many damn questions

And I demand some answers

How many unjust wars must we witness?

How many more have to die?

How much more blood must be spilled?

How much more suffering must we withstand?

When will we stand hand in hand, and show some solidarity?
When will we stand hand in hand, and say no to wars?
When will we get rid of our corrupt leaders?

When will we change our crooked ways?
When will we notice our common humanity?
When will we start caring?
Will we ever stand together and put an end to our MAN MADE misery?

Why are we so blind to the truth?

Why are we so numb to the pain of others?

Why are we so damn dumb?

What happened to trust?

What happened to courage?

How about bravery?

So helpless and powerless

Clueless and hopeless

We are a waste of a race.

Why can’t we make a change?

Why can’t we be the change?

Why don’t we change?

Tear down the walls

Break the boundaries

Put an end to the madness

Reach out for the truth

Make it a reality

Change the world


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