Dependence Doesn’t Make You INCOMPLETE

Dependence Doesn’t Make You INCOMPLETE

I am not sure how it happened, but somewhere along the line, we began looking down on those who openly admit needing someone in their lives. Somehow, admitting your need for another soul is a sign of weakness; you are deemed incomplete or less than capable if you do.

There is an emphasis on the individuals’ happiness over the collective.

“You must be happy on your own.”

“You can’t rely on other for your own happiness.”

“Team ‘I’ comes first”

A long list of slogans and witty banter, which aims to motivate anyone to embrace individualism and loneliness.

On daily basis, we promote and plant these ideas in the minds of every living soul, which contradicts our innate nature and desire for human contact, companionship, affection, attention, romance, intimacy and love.

In turn, most of our human dealings revolve around self-interest. We became leeches who use and abuse others for their own personal gain, creating a culture of distrust, even within families. Everyone is trying to get ahead in the pursue of self-fulfillment, and everyone is doing so at any cost. It doesn’t matter who gets hurt in the process as long as ‘team I’ is getting to the imaginary finish line. We are now in a race against one another.

The world is miserable because we are miserable. And we are miserable because we lost ourselves to our individualistic priorities over the greater collective good. We removed a piece of the grand puzzle and placed it in a small tiny puzzle. We simply forgot that the part is never greater than the whole, and the whole can’t be a whole without all parts.

Most people masquerade their needs for the whole by losing themselves to a number of things. Some lost themselves in their careers to achieve that great individualistic success, or by simply losing themselves to a number of sedatives to numb those desires. Others overfill their social calendars. While others replace humans with pets who will unquestionably reciprocate the love for food and shelter.

The desire to feel loved, or to be an element in a union is not a weakness.

If you are not happy because you are alone, it doesn’t make you less of a human being.

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