Human Suffering

I am not sure if I am fortunate or unfortunate to work where I do.

I am exposed to things most are not. I am aware of things most don’t care to know about and if they do; they read about it on a Facebook post or a tweet, and go on about their day.

I see both the good and the bad. I see the goodness in humanity and the kindness some are capable of doing, but I also see the bad, and there is an abundance of the latter.

My exposure is not limited to one age group, one gender, one religion or one anything. My exposure is limitless. I am exposed to humanity’s suffering as a whole.

I am aware of human rights violations that take place in every corner of the globe; I am aware of the mistreatment of women and all forms of abuses they suffer in every nook of the globe. I am aware of the suffering of children who were abducted from their families and forced to carry weapons to shoot their own at times. I know all about the children, both boys and girl, who are attacked in their classrooms, kidnapped and raped. I read all about human trafficking, sex slaves and those who are internally displaced.

I am exposed to the suffering of those who are born with some form disability and the ones who suffer disabilities in their lifetime, because they stepped on a landmine, which was placed sometime during WW I or WW II.

I am aware of the atrocities of genocides that took place and the ones that still take place throughout the world. I am aware of tribal wars for water and food; I am aware of water scarcity and the families that have to walk 10 hours a day to obtain it.

I can go on for days; I can easily list every type of human suffering that existed and still exists. I can also list the earth’s sufferings and how abusive we are to mother earth: desertification, climate change, air pollution, water pollution, and mining.

I watch politicians and world leaders discuss all of it, yet they don’t care to do much about it, because it doesn’t serve the interest of the respective state. And sometimes, they don’t do anything about it, because the sufferings serve their interest or the interest of their lobbyists.

It does take a toll on me.

However, I love it. I love being aware; I love knowing and feeling the pain of my fellow human being. I sympathize and empathize with each and every one of them. Their pain is mine; we are one.

One the other hand, it pains me more when I recognize others’ inability to acknowledge the pain of someone else, because they are not part of their clan (nationality, religion, race, gender, etc.) It pains me when I see a human ignoring the suffering of another human and turning their back as if they don’t even exist.

Today, we live in a world that is very much connected. We are all aware of what happens in every part of the world some way or another. It should be easier for all of us to learn about one another and strengthen our humanity.

Yet, I see nothing but a divided and selfish human race. We only care for the survival and the pain of our own kind. We call for freedom, equality, democracy, rights, and respect for ourselves, but we are not willing to do the same for those whom we don’t agree with fundamentally.

Thankfully, there are a few out there who are able to look beyond themselves and their own kind. Thankfully, there are a few out there who dare to be different and stand for the rights of others. Thankfully, there are a few who care to be humans and nothing else.

If you are reading this and you are one of the few, Thank you!!

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