My First Week on Kick Starter

Over a year ago, I was introduced to kickstarter.com. A friend of mine presented it as the best option to fund the publishing of my first novel.

Why self-publishing, you ask?

Well, Publishers didn’t think the name of the Novel was appropriate for the market. They thought the title, Osama’s Jihad, was a bit insensitive. Plus, they wanted to change things in the storyline to be ‘politically correct’.

I objected, and I insisted on doing things my way. After all, I started writing the novel once I came up with the title. It is part of the story; it is part of the message–Don’t judge a book by its cover or in this case, its name.

Nevertheless, I continued to work on the novel knowing that I will one day self-publish it and take matters into my own hands. With that thought in mind, the idea of using a crowd source funding platform became more appealing. I saw it as a way of funding and marketing at the same time. However, I wasn’t very sure if I could go through with it—it took me over a year to finally accept the idea—I am not the type to ask people for help and I don’t know how to.

Last week, the campaign was launched on kick starter. It was a nerve wrecking experience. I didn’t know what to expect once the launch button was clicked.

The first pledge was made by a complete stranger. I received the email notification on my way home: A stranger pledged to the project before I announced its launch and posted a very encouraging comment. I found myself tearing on the train—tears of happiness of course. An hour later, a good friend of mine made a very generous pledge and posted another heart felt comment, which had me tearing once more. It was a very emotional happy day. It feels great to know that others can recognize what you are trying to do.

I sent out the email to almost everyone in my contact list to announce the launch of the project. I so dreaded that part, but it had to be done. I received congratulations emails from most people, but no pledges. People watched the video, liked it, but they didn’t know what to do next or maybe they didn’t care to pledge. Or maybe, just maybe, the topics discussed in the book didn’t interest them in any way possible. Sadly, people do judge a book by its cover.

However, the slow turn out didn’t discourage or break my spirit. And neither did the discouraging message.

Fortunately, I received many encouraging messages from strangers who commended the bravery of discussing such issues openly.

Within the first week, one of my favorite authors and one of my favorite comedians supported the project. Within the first week, I received support from complete strangers and made new friendships.

With a small number of very generous backers, I reached 20% of my goal in less than a week.

I am not sure what will happen in the upcoming weeks, but I consider my project a success thanks to those who dared not judge a book by its cover and those who dared to push their own limits.

Thank you for a great first week.

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