Online Dating

1- Know what you are looking for:

Are you joining a dating site to test the waters? Are you joining to find a fling? Are you joining to kill time? Are you really looking for someone? Do you want to date but nothing serious? Are you looking for people to compliment you all day to feed your hungry ego?

Define the purpose and once you do that.

2- Join the site that best fits your needs.

There are a million and one dating sites out there for every flavor. Find the one that best defines your interests. If you are looking for a sugar daddy or a sugar mommy, there are sites for that. If you are looking for a fling, there are sites for that as well. If you are looking for marriage, there are sites for that too.

Join the site that will give you exactly what you want. Don’t just join a site because someone referred you. Do some research and find the one for you.

3- Create the profile

When writing about yourself, you should clearly state your purpose. Let others know why you are really on the site and what you are hoping to find in details. Don’t be vague. Again, you will find what you are looking for if you actually know what you want. Don’t be shy about it, you only live once.

Most online profiles are identical. They consist of nothing but few pictures and a list of adjectives. Be original; Be You.

4- Set the limits

Most dating websites allow you to control who can contact you. Instead of crying about it and writing a whole paragraph about how much you hate this or that, use the settings and filter the users who can message you.

5- Be Courteous

There is nothing worse than negliction. Yes, negliction is a word. Seriously though, if someone sends a thoughtful message, which reflects that they put the time to read your profile, respond and thank that person even if you are not interested. I am not saying that you should respond to every message you receive, but you should respond to the ones who read your profiles and complimented you on something other than the physical appearance.

If you are rejected, there is no reason to throw a tantrum and there is no need for the name calling. It is a sign of insecurity—it ain’t pretty.

Don’t forget your manners because it is online and it is not the ‘real’ world. The world is too small and what goes around comes right back. Think of it this way; if they are not real because they are behind a computer screen, you are not real either. We all want to be treated with respect and dignity.

6- Respect yourself

The pictures you post say a lot about you. Enough said.

7- Be Safe

That goes without saying and it should have been number one. If you are going to meet someone, you should always be safe. You should gather as much information as possible about the person you are meeting. Meet in a public place.

8- Be Honest

If you meet someone and you don’t like that person, be honest, tell that person how you really feel. There is no reason to string someone along. We all want  to feel desired and loved, but no one likes false hope. If you do like someone and the feelings are mutual, act on it. Don’t play hard to get.

9- Action

It is simple. If you both like each other, act on it. Action speaks volumes and reflects interest.

10- Don’t be ashamed

Most people have an online dating profile nowadays. It is a norm now; it is no longer a taboo like it once was in 1996. Embrace it, accept it or don’t do it if you are so skeptical.

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