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Project Description

I have seen the book of life;
I have seen the past;
I have seen the future.

I have witnessed the beginning
I have witnessed the ending
I have witnessed it all

I have experienced the now
I have experienced the then
I have experienced things you may not understand

I have seen people die for no reason at all;
I have seen others die for a noble cause;
I have seen those who watched without any remorse.

I have witnessed the rise and fall of empires;
I have witnessed the demise of an entire race;
I have witnessed the unthinkable.

I have experienced the kindness of the poor;
I have experienced the selfishness of the rich;
I have experienced the soft caress of an angel.

I have seen men fall to their knees in defeat;
I have seen their resilience to stand once again;
I have seen others fall and fail to stand ever again.

I have witnessed the miracle of birth;
I have witnessed its pain and joy;
I have witnessed the innocence of a child.

I have experienced the loneliness of an extinct kind;
I have experienced the pain of a wounded gazelle;
I have experienced the love of another being.

I have seen monsters feed on the youth of humanity;
I have seen ghouls brainwash entire populations;
I have seen the opportunists of chaos.

I have heard the cries of bereaved mothers;
I have heard their prayers;
I have heard angels cry.

I have witnessed the struggles of a single mother;
I have witnessed the sufferings of an orphaned child;
I have witnessed the simplicity of a smile.

I have experienced the loneliness of a crowded city;
I have experienced the contentment of a lone monk on a mountain top;
I have experienced the warmth of love in mid-December.

I have seen many lose sight of themselves cause of greed;
I have experienced the failure to recognize the truth when it is told;
I have witness many stories of kindness go untold

I have seen the madness of humanity;
I have seen the gentleness of humanity;
I have experienced the confusion of human nature.


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