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Take out your notebooks

Take out your pencils and eraser

Today’s lesson is: how to love?

Lesson number one:

Love is not gone

Love is not done

Love is fun

Lesson number two:

Love is the greatest force I ever knew

Love is humanity’s glue

Without it, we live in a zoo

Lesson number three:

Love is not a slogan on a tee

It is rooted in us like an oak tree

It is as present and loud as a sea

Wait, erase that last part

I am not sure if it made sense

You know what

Let’s revisit it later

Does anyone want to guess the next lesson?

Go ahead, give it a shot

We are all creatures of love

I am sure you will get it right

What is the fourth lesson?

Love is life, you say

I definitely agree with what you say

If anything that should be the first lesson

We have a hand here that doesn’t agree

God is love, you state

That is maybe true

But how about those who don’t believe in a god?

How do you feel about those?

Can you love them if you are a man of god?

You can?? Is that your final answer?

I see you practice what you preach

I will have to agree with you

God is love

And I will agree with the other answer too

Life is love too

Erase the number next to lesson number one

We will add another one

God is love, life is love

Love reigns over us

Now we should move on to lesson number six:

Sex can be an act of love

And it can be an act of lust

Don’t confuse the two

When you do, life turns blue

We have a hand here

Yes, that is very true

We skipped a lesson


You are paying attention

I am glad you are

And I will tell you all about it

The missing lesson, number five

For love, we all strive

On it, we all thrive

But first, to fully understand love

We must, we really must love ourselves

Love starts within

Without the love of self

There is no love

You aren’t an eligible love receiver

I hope you are writing this down

Love is awareness,

And self-awareness

Love yourself people

Look in the mirror

And love what you see

Love your reflection

Love your imperfections

Consider those your numbers seven and eight

 Yes Mr. impatient, go ahead ask your questions

What does all of this have to do with today’s question? You ask

The answer is obvious, but I will answer you regardless

In case you forgot, the lesson is entitled how to love

And you can’t learn to love without love

Thus, you must learn the meaning of the word first

You must comprehend its depth

You are pleased with this answer, I see

Now, let’s resume the lesson

We are now at number nine

And it is simple, Love is a sacred shrine

You should never over indulge

It is not something you share with just anyone

It is not a word you throw around loosely

When you say it, you must mean it

Should we do one more before the break?

Or should we wait until we get back?

Fine, we will do one more

I will make it a quick one

Love is color blind

Love should be unconditional

It knows no boundaries

It knows no barriers; it breaks them

While we were on our long break

One of you brought up a valid point

Love is effortless; you feel it

Yet, you need to put efforts to protect it

The efforts shouldn’t feel like work

It shouldn’t like an obligation

You should want to do it just because

And that is why it is enjoyably effortless

 Ms. Cynical, what’s your question?

Wait, I bet I can guess it

And to prove it,

I will answer it

Yes, love doesn’t last forever

Sometimes the experience is painful

But you can’t blame it on love

However, the lessons stay with us forever

Moving on to lucky number thirteen,

Love is selfless

And no it doesn’t contradict number five

Loving yourself is not selfish

But to love someone else fully

You must be willing to put their happiness first

Sometimes, you give up the I for the WE

You want for them what you want for yourself

And yes Mr. Realist,

Sometimes you have to sacrifice love itself

Sometimes, you must walk away

Letting go is an act of love at times

No, it is not a sign of weakness

It is a sign of strength and wisdom

We do crazy things for love

And it can be damaging

Lesson number fifteen is a bit lighter

Love is liberating; it is free

It shouldn’t cost you a thing

You shouldn’t change who you are

We should be loved for who we are

For everything we are

And not for the things others want us to be

In love, we should soar high

No Ms. Day Dreamer

Passion is not a synonym of love

Passion is a component of love

Or one of its side effects 

However, love is also calm

It is mature

It brings balance

And you can number that fourteen

Am I losing you already?

No one noticed that I skipped one

Or are you that engulfed in the lesson?

Nevertheless, should we go on or take another break?

We will keep going

But we have to end today’s lesson at twenty

And we will resume again tomorrow

Do we have a deal?

Lesson number sixteen is:

Love is patient

Sometimes it takes time

And it is worth the wait

Don’t’ give up on it

And it won’t give up on you

Don’t rush it

Don’t be hasty

And no Ms. Nitpicker

It doesn’t refute what we said earlier

This lesson refers to instant gratification

Which seems to be the thing for this generation

Lesson number seventeen,

Love needs intimacy

And not the type that leaves ud breathless and naked

But the open and transparent kind

Lesson number eighteen,

Communication and love go hand in hand

You can’t have love without communication

It is like driving a car without a steering wheel

Are you getting all of this guys?

Make sure you are taking notes

We will have a quiz on it

It will be a surprise quiz

Who wants to guess number nineteen?

I will give you a clue,

It relates to the last two

Go ahead Mr. Open minded

Yes, you are correct

Honesty is vital

You can’t have intimacy or communication without it

Therefore, without it, there is no love

And our final lesson for the evening is:

Consistency in love does wonders

With it, love flourishes

So don’t forget to be consistent.

On that note,

We will end today’s lesson

We will resume again tomorrow

And feel free to brain storm more ideas


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