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Project Description


It’s a love story like no other. It’s a story of passion. It’s a story of two hearts that were once destined to spend every passing second together. Brace yourself, because this surely is a story like no other. It’s a story of a couple that spent about five years together. They were five years of pure love. Five years of happiness. Five years of growth. They had eyes for no one else but each other. Their love meant the world to them. It was their motivation. It was their heaven. No it wasn’t all fun and happy moments. Surely, there were sad moments. Surely, there were fights and arguments. There were moments of confusion and separation. But those moments never bent their love to one another. Those moments of sadness never lasted long. The sadness was gone once their eyes met. All it took was a hello and a smile. And sometimes singing their favorite song. Actually, it was their song that no one else dared to sing but them. Oh yea, they sang it to one another many times. He would sing it to her as she sat on his lap. She would sing to him as they held hands while driving. They even had the song recorded with their voices and each had a copy of it. It was a song that they would never get sick of. It was a song that got them through five years. But the song didn’t get them through their last argument. She wanted to know what would happen to them next. Life wasn’t only about fun and romance. There was much more to life than that. They were confused and lost. They were clueless, just like any young couple deeply in love. All of a sudden, their future looked dark and gloomy. It was an uncertain future. A little bit of tough love wouldn’t hurt their love. It will only make their love stronger. It’s the only way their love will move forward. She finally gathered whatever strength and courage she had in her.

She has been practicing and anticipating this moment. Last night she stood in front of the mirror repeating the lines. She knew that she had to do it. She couldn’t have picked a better day to ask him. Today, they are celebrating their five year anniversary.  But somehow, it didn’t go as planned. The conversation turned into a fight. They both said things they surely didn’t mean. They both didn’t want anything except for their love to bloom. Everything could have been fixed until she loudly screamed: “I can’t accept you the way you are, you need to be a man; I am not going to spend my life with a little boy. You are not good enough for me; love will not take us so far.”  Those words were followed by dead silence. They each made it home with watery eyes. The night kept playing in their minds over and over again. “Was I too harsh on him?” she asked herself. “No, I am not going to call her, she hurt me. She wants to end things; she probably has her eyes on someone else.” He repeatedly told himself. “Tomorrow morning I will call him and apologize.” That was the last thing she said before her eyes gave in to sleep. “If she doesn’t call in an hour, it’s over between us and she can go to him. She can go find the one who is good enough for her.” That was his last thought.


The night went by and they didn’t listen to their song. They both went to sleep hurt, mad and angry. They both went to sleep thinking that tomorrow will be a better day for their love. The morning came but the sun didn’t shine. The morning came and the birds didn’t sing. He was up earlier than usual. He checked his phone, she didn’t call. He checked his email, she didn’t write. He replayed last night in his mind over and over. He was in a state of disbelief. He was hurt. He couldn’t help it, but cry. He cried like he never did before. There was definitely something different about this fight. He suddenly got up. He washed his tears. He packed his bags. He wrote her a goodbye note. The note said “I am sorry that I wasn’t good enough for your love. I am sorry that you couldn’t accept me for who I am. I will be gone and I won’t return until I am a man that is worthy of your love. I loved you yesterday; I love you today and I will love you tomorrow.”  He dropped off the note at the nearest post office. He shut off his phone. And just like that, he was gone.


She was just waking up. She reached for her phone. But no, he didn’t call. She looks into the mirror as she washes her face. Her eyes are puffy after spending the whole night crying. Now, she is standing in front of the same mirror once more. Now, she is practicing the words to their song. She knew that she had to sing it for him is she wanted last night to be over. She was finally able to get her smile back once she pictures the silly smile on his face as she sings to him. She ran to the phone; she dialed his number quickly. But he is out of reach. She dialed the number once more and she got the same results. “Maybe, he turned off his phone after my stupidity last night.” She thought to herself. “But again, he never shuts off his phone, maybe the battery is dead.” She kept on thinking of all possible excuses to justify the automated message on his phone. 

The whole day went by and he was out of reach. She got up and got dressed. She got in a taxi and passed by his place. He wasn’t there. No one knows anything about him. Two days pass by and she still can’t find him. She is confused, hurt and crying all day, every day. A week passed by and his phone now says out of service; and she finally receives his note. Now she is crying a river. Now she is crying an ocean. The love is gone, her knight is gone. She couldn’t blame it on anyone but herself. Weeks passed by. Months passed by. A whole year went by. And she couldn’t forget. She couldn’t even forgive herself for what she said. That night was an unforgettable one. She cried herself to sleep every night. They were tears for a lost love. They were tears of regret. They were tears of longing. They were tears of hope. Yes, tears of hope. “Yes, he said that he will come back. I know that he loves me as much as I love him. I know that he will come back. I can hear him. I can feel him hurting as much as me.” She reads his note over and over again till she falls asleep. At this point, all she wanted to do was to know that he is doing well. She wanted to know that he was still alive. She wanted to say sorry. She wanted to scream at him for leaving like that. She wanted to scream at him for walking out on her for something silly. All she wanted to do was to hold him in her arms once more. She wanted to hear him sing their song. To this thought, she would get up and dance to the song. She would hold her teddy bear close and dance to their love song over and over.


Time passes by so quickly; two years have passed and he still can’t forget. He can’t forget his one and first true love. He certainly tried to, but he couldn’t. No one could ever replace her. No one could ever love her as much he did. He still remembers the day he got on the plane. He still remembers the day he left his true love behind. He still remembers the words that caused such a heartache. Her words were like a sharp knife that left a permanent scar. These were his daily thoughts, every night after work he went straight home and stared at a hand written note that read:  “You aren’t a man enough; you aren’t worthy and you are not accepted”. That note was his motivation; it was the source of his unlimited energy to do nothing but work. But whenever he wasn’t working, he sat home alone and remembered her. He would sit and listen to their song. He was in pain. He was slowly dying. Jack Daniel’s became his best and only friend. It was the only way he could go to sleep. It was the only way he could forget even it was just for that one night.

Days, weeks, months and years pass by. It has now been seven years since he left. Seven long years of pain and torture. He can’t resist anymore, he must go back home. He missed home. He missed his roots. And most of all, he missed her. He books a flight for two. As the plane took off, he held the hand of the little girl sitting next to him. He looked at her before he began to remember the first time he got on the plane. He went into a trance. He was very anxious and nervous. “Will I get to see her? Is she still living in the same place? Is she still as beautiful and angelic as I remember her? Is she married by now and has kids?  Will she remember me? Will she even talk to me? Will she forgive me?”  All different kind of thoughts went through his mind. He thought of all different kind of scenarios. He imagined what their first meeting would be like.


A week prior to his arrival, she was sitting in her room thinking of what she should do. She was thinking of her long lost love. She was thinking of the only person that made her feel alive. He was the only person that really got her. But seven years was a long time. Her faith was weakening.  She was getting older. She was all alone. And time surely doesn’t wait around for anyone. Maybe it was time to finally let go. Again, she was standing in front of the mirror with tears streaming down her face. She was trying to convince her heart of something it refused to believe in long seven years. Until she was finally able to pull herself together and said: “He was able to let go and leave me behind, he’s probably living his life and doesn’t feel anything like me. He’s probably married with a kid or two by now. Plus, he didn’t keep his promise; he didn’t even try to contact me once since he left. Maybe he’s dead; he didn’t even contact his family all this time. I need to move on and look for my own happiness and he wants to make me happy. I should just say yes and marry him.”  She was finally able to convince herself to marry the one person that was somewhat able to get through to her after so many years.  

She didn’t want a big wedding. They were to have a small family gathering in exactly eight days after she said yes. The whole week was spent in wedding preparations. She was preparing for a small wedding, which was nothing in comparison to her dream wedding. But again, she wasn’t marrying her dream man, so none of it mattered anymore. As she walks down the aisle, her soon to be husband has a big smile on his face. He is the happiest person; he is marrying the woman that he loves or so he thinks. He is willing to do anything to make her happy, which is why he did so much research. It was the reason he put so much efforts in convincing her. It was the reason he had to plan their small wedding in a way that will make her happy. The music comes on and to her surprise it is her favorite song. It is THE song. Is she dreaming? Is this really happening? Why would he pick this song out of all the worldly songs known to mankind?!? Is this a sign?


A day before the wedding, he arrives at the airport with one mission on his mind. His only thoughts were primarily focused on what he has to do to find his long lost love. He is back for her. He has kept his promise. All he has to do now is find her. He helped the little girl into a cab. On the way home, he asks the driver to make a quick stop. He gives the driver her address, which he has memorized by heart. He gets out of the cab asking the driver to wait for few minutes. He walks nervously quickly toward the front to her building, where he is greeted by a doorman. He starts small talk with the doorman, then he asks about her and if she still lives there. He learns that she does. He also learns that she is staying else where for the night to prepare for her wedding day, which is the following day. Although, he was expecting to come back and find her married, there was always some hope that had kept him going. But never in a million years did he think that he would return a day before her wedding. He returns to the taxi walking so slowly and so pale as if he saw a ghost. He doesn’t know what to think or what to do at this point. He is beyond lost and hurt, but he has no one else to blame except for himself. He is back, but he is so late. “Maybe I am not too late. Maybe there is something I can do to get her back. I should just show up at her front door and win her back. Maybe I can just go to her wedding and let her see me there; maybe she will call it off.”

He must have thought of every possible solution to the problem as he unpacked. He was driving himself crazy and it was so obvious. It was written all over his face. He sat in the rocking chair where he used always sit while talking to her on the phone. He played their song in the background while holding the phone in his hand thinking of calling her. He sat there reminiscing about the good old times. He sat there trying to comfort himself in one way or another. He tried to control his tears, but he surely couldn’t. If he could scream as a little boy does, he would do it. He sat on the floor by the corner with his forehead resting on his knees crying. He felt the loss before, but this time it is a forever loss. “Daddy, are you ok? Daddy, Wake up?”  The little girl taps him on the shoulder as she is waking him the next morning. He wakes up and pretends to be ok as he makes her breakfast. He is totally absent minded. He is not completely there. He doesn’t feel anything that is going on around him. Until the smoke alarm went off and a crazy idea popped in his head.

He gets dressed and asks one of the neighbors to take care of the little girl. He rushes out of the building looking for a cab. He gives the cab the address to the place where she is having her wedding. It’s hard to describe the way he felt, but something weird has taken over him. Is it the need for closure for a long lost love story? What was it that is going through his mind at this point?  He gets there and begins to inspect the place in hope to find a good spot to hide. He looks around and around till he finally finds the perfect spot where he can’t be seen. He stands there looking at his watch and anticipating all possible scenarios. “Should I let her see me? Should I go up to her now? What am I doing here? Should I look for one of our old friends and seek advice?”  He drowns deep in his thoughts and the time passes by quickly. There is noise downstairs by the wedding hall. People are starting to show up. His heart is beating faster. His palms are sweaty.

He sees her walking out of the room in her white dress. She is still as beautiful as he remembers her. His lips are moving, but they aren’t making a sound. Her name is the only thing that is on his mind. He is feeling paralyzed He sees her, but she can’t see him. She is smiling at the guests that came out of the hall and those who are still arriving. On the outside, she looks happy. That is exactly what he always wanted for her. He wants her to be happy. It is time to go home. It is over. He walks away without looking back. But he surely left his heart behind.


Down the halls of the school, you can hear the little girl humming the tone of that very special song. It’s the only song she heard him play over and over growing up. She heard it so many times until it became her favorite song as well. The little girl was so adorable and smart. It was hard not to love her. And love her was exactly what all the teachers in her new school did. Especially the one teacher who felt this motherly attachment to the little girl. Maybe because they both had the same first name. Maybe because they both loved the same song.  The two developed some form of a strong bond. She became her favorite teacher and she became her favorite student. Besides hanging out with her daddy on the weekends and going to the amusement parks, her new source of enjoyment was being in her favorite teacher’s class. The teacher made up for her loss of her mother at a young age. The little girl even thought of fixing up her dad with the teacher. But her dad never had the time to come pick her up from school, because of his work schedule. They always ended up meeting at the front door when the school bus dropped her off.

The cute and smart little girl was pretty determined to have her dad meet the teacher. She came up with a very smart plan. She figured that if she missed the bus, she can ask her teacher for a ride home. She executed her plan perfectly and it was successful. The teacher sympathized with her and agreed. Now the only part left was her dad being there on time. On the way home, the teacher had to make a stop. “Today, I am going to take you with me to my number one favorite place.” She told her student. It was the first day of the fall and you could sense the change in the weather everywhere. The leaves on the trees were changing colors. It was a bit cooler than usual around this time of the year. The teacher stops the car and asks the little girl to stay in so she doesn’t catch a cold. As she walks away from the car, she notices someone sitting by her favorite tree. She gets closer to the tree and realizes that the person is sleeping. Her curiosity brings her even closer until she suddenly freezes in her place. “No way, it can’t be him. Oh my God, it is him! I must be dreaming! I am dreaming, aren’t I?”

“Daddy, what are you doing here?” The little girl screams as she is running toward them.



“This is your dad?!?”

“This is your daughter?!?”

Confusion and bewilderment washed over them. But they were surely happy to see each other. It has been over seven years since they last saw each other. Sadness and happiness were present. They both thought of this moment a lot. They both thought of the thousand things that could be said. But silence was a lot stronger. They stood there staring at each other. They got lost in each other’s eyes. Their hearts were jumping and dancing in joy. Their hearts were skipping a beat maybe two. One for joy and one for what may come next. The silence ended once the little girl grabbed her dad’s hand introducing him to her favorite teacher. “Daddy, this is Ms. May”, “Ms. May, this is my Dad.”  The two shook hands without exchanging any words. They were in total shock. But they didn’t let go of each other’s hands. Their souls were finally back in place. They were in heaven. Their heavenly moment didn’t last for long.

He suddenly remembered that he last saw her on her wedding day. He slowly pulled back his hand letting go of hers. He had no right to hold her hand. He had no right to think of her or want her. She is a married woman. He was finally able to gather whatever was left of his shattered soul and drew a fake smile. He started draw his attention toward little May and ask her how she ended up there? As little May began explaining, Ms. May took over the conversation. She was eager to speak to him. She was eager to get anything out of him. She continued with the story of how she was taking her home because she missed the bus. And she decided to stop here since it was on their way.

There he was standing in front of the woman he loved; still love and will always love. But he couldn’t tell her anything; he didn’t have any right to do so. The only thing he was able to say was: “I am very sorry for the inconvenience May caused you. May, let’s go. I am sure your teacher has to go home too to spend time with her family”. He couldn’t be any colder to her than he was; he acted as if she wasn’t and still is the love of his life, but he didn’t know any better.  Again he thanked her and left with little May. Throughout the drive home, he replayed the whole encounter in his mind. He was looking for something that would pacify his wounded heart. Did she go there on purpose? Did she know that he would be there? Why did she bring little May along with her? What made her go to their spot where they first met years ago?  Is she having problems in her married life? Did her marriage end? He didn’t see a wedding ring on her finger. But again she might forgot it at home or took it off at work.

On her way home she kept wondering. Why was he so cold to her? Why didn’t he say anything after all this time apart? Why did he pretend as if there was never anything between them? Did he forget about her? Did he forget about their love? But that couldn’t be true. He was there too. He went to their special place. She felt it in his hand shake. She saw it in his eyes. Yes she did see it, even if it was for a second. There was something there. The questions haunted her all the way home. The questions led her back to her car.  She had to know the answers. She had to know why he left so many years ago. Her heart demanded answers. She needed closure. She rang the door bell. “May I come in?”


He froze there for a second as he held the door knob. He couldn’t believe that she was standing there. He didn’t know what to do or say. He was frozen until she asked again. “May I come in? Or did I come at a bad time?” “No, not at all, please come in.” He responded. As he led her into the living area, he tried hard to be neutral and not show any signs of happiness that she was there.

He: Is May in any kind of trouble at school?

She: No, she is a great student to have.

He: This definitely not a teacher-parent meeting.

She: It’s definitely not. It’s more of old friends catching up meeting.

He: In that case, would like something to drink or eat?

She: No, I am good for now, thank you.

He: So how have you been? It has been such a long time since we last saw each other.

She: Well, you were the one who took off out of the country, started a new life and forgot all about everyone.

He: I didn’t forget about anyone, but it was time to go considering that I wasn’t accepted by others. There was no point in making a major announcement of my departure; it didn’t seem like anyone cared.

She: I cared.

He: After our last meeting, I didn’t think you cared if I dropped off the face of the earth

She: Oh my god; you still remember that night?

He cuts her off by telling her how that one night the things that were said were the reason for such radical changes. Her words broke him then and made him accept job offer overseas, which he turned down few days before their fight. He turned it down the first time so he didn’t have to leave her behind. The picture was starting to be somewhat clearer. Now it was her turn to cut him off and explain her side of the story. It was finally her time to say sorry for the things she once said, but didn’t mean. It was finally time to tell him that she said those things to motivate him. She said them to get a reaction out of him; she said them with the hope that he would take a step toward a better future for them.

She: I never meant to push you away and I am very sorry.

He: No Need to be sorry.  Those words were inspiring; the got me through so much. Plus that is in the past now and we both have gone our separate ways. You are married now and hopefully happy and I have a little girl who is the joy of my life.

She: Married! Who told you that I was married?

He: No one did, I was there on the day of your wedding.

She: Then you must left early

He: What do you mean?

She: The wedding never actually took place

Now he is puzzled and confused. He remembers that day as if it is today. It was the day he buried his love to her; it was the day he lost her forever. She explained to him what happened on that day; she explained to him how she was getting married, because she had lost hope and faith in love. She told him everything about that day and what led to accept to settle. She explained to him how she walked out on her wedding.

He: Wow that sounds like something you only see in movies Ms. Run Away Bride.

She: You can say that, I couldn’t just settle and give up on what I really want. Now, how about you Mister? You left the country and started a family; you have to tell me all about it.

He: That is a long story

She: I have the time, so you better make us two cups of coffee and start speaking.

He: Well let’s just say that I did get married, but I didn’t

She: Is this a puzzle? Please explain

He: When I moved, the company I worked for sponsored me, but that didn’t last long. Few months after I moved, things didn’t work out too well. I got so home sick and developed new unhealthy habits that eventually led to losing my job and the sponsorship. I started working some crappy part time jobs to pay the bills. Anyway, it didn’t all change until one morning I woke up at the hospital after getting alcohol poisoning. At this point, I was almost deported from the country since they had to do a background search on me, because they found me almost dead on the streets. They found out I wasn’t a legal resident. 

She: Oh my god, that is insane.

He: Yea, it was and that was when I got married to May’s mother who basically saved me. She was my neighbor and we were very close friends especially that I was always there when she needed help with her illness after her husband died in a motorcycle accident. He left her 2 months pregnant and she couldn’t make it on her own.

She: May is not your daughter!!!

He: She is not my biological daughter, but we are all that we both have. She is my world.

She: So how come she has your last name? And where is her mom?

He: Her mom was very ill, she almost didn’t make it through the pregnancy and she passed away few months later. After May’s birth; her mom made me promise that I would always take care of her. She even asked me to pick her name as if she knew that she was about to part from this world. So once May made it into this world, we finalized the adoption papers and I became her legal guarding and her dad.

She: This poor child.

He: By the way, May doesn’t know anything about this and I want to keep it this way.

The mood in the room was completely changing. The facts were finally revealed. The two hearts are now relieved somewhat.

She: So.

He: Buttons.

The two of them giggle as they look deeply into each other’s eyes till she asks him. “What made you pick the name May?” “As if you don’t know” he responds. She giggles and asks why again. He smiles back at her. While in the background the little girl is hopping into the room singing the words of her favorite song.


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