Two Sides of the Same Coin

I admire the Zionist movement, which created the state of Israel. I admire it for all its efforts and its ability to survive for as long as it did in the Middle East. I also admire its ability to revive an ancient history and make it relevant in today’s world.

The Zionist movement created a Jewish national identity, which in so many ways is similar to the American Dream. It created a dream and sold it to many. Israel was recognized as a state in 1948, but the idea was in the making since the late 1800’s by Jewish scholars and elites in the European community.

It was Theodor Herzl’s ‘The Jewish State’ that presented the idea of a homeland for all Jews. It increased the sense of unity among the Jews all over the world, and rallied their support; it also emphasized their common religious heritage. The Jewish population of Europe had all the means to unify their community, and the sense of unity was amplified by their collective suffering.

However, they didn’t have a Jewish homeland. Europe wasn’t a home for them, they needed a home. And they had three options: Argentina, Palestine and Uganda.

In later years; they chose the land of Palestine due to the so called ancient historical ties to the land and the Godly promise, which supposedly pinpointed the exact latitude and longitude coordinates.


All those factors produced the Jewish national identity, which overshadowed any other identity.

A Jewish person who lives in any part of the world would most likely identify him/herself as Jewish first, and would have a strong sense of belonging to the land of Israel rather than the land where he/she was born and bred. Israel became a birth right.

In addition to the above, ever since the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948, it was able to position itself closely to world super powers to ensure its own survival. The state of Israel has some of the strongest lobbyist groups working and advocating its cause worldwide through politics and media.

Politics and media, they became the tools of the Zionist movement to reinforce the Jewish identity. They used the two to remind the world at every given opportunity of their suffering in Europe. And if you dare to question their motives, they coined a label for that—anti Semitic.

The above reminds me of something. It reminds me of the term Ummah (Nation). It is the term that terrorists and criminals use to rally the support of those who believe in a political regional state based on Islam.

I will ask the innocent question: why is it OK for the Jewish people of the world to have a Jewish Nation, yet the thought of a Muslim Nation is terrorism?

In closing, I admire Israel as much as FOX News admires ISIS.

The author of the above is of Semitic origins. Therefore, you cannot call him anti-Semitic.

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